New Zealand Association of Model Railway Clubs Inc


Membership of the Association

The Association has 2 categories of Membership:

    ‒ Full Members ‒ these are Model Railway Clubs who are an Incorporated Society, including those who are a Registered Charity

    ‒ Affiliate Members ‒ other clubs who are not an Incorporated Society and other groups who participate in the model railway hobby, including organisers of model train shows.

Membership Subscription Rates

The financial year for the Association is 1 March to 28 February. For the 2023/24 Financial Year, the Executive has determined that the membership subscription rate for both Full and Affiliate Members through to 28 February 2024, shall be FREE.

To join, simply fill out the application form and forward to the Association Secretary by email to nzamrc@gmail.com

Whilst there is a ZERO subscription rate, if you feel that it is appropriate for your club or group to make a donation to the Association (entirely voluntary), we would welcome your donation. Our bank account details are on the application form.

    ‒ Membership Application Form